Self-administered digital cognitive tests

We make it easy to accurately measure cognitive function

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Cognitive functions are affected by several common diseases.


Despite that, they are not being tested enough, since today's test methods are extremely time-consuming.

Mindmore will change that.

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Cognitive functions are of great importance in our daily lives. They allow us to interpret our surroundings, to remember, solve problems and have conversations. When they work as they should, we usually don't pay attention to them. 


However, many suffer from conditions causing cognitive impairment. These cognitive changes have to be made visible.


This is where Mindmore comes in. In close dialogue with clinicians, we've created a digital tool for cognitive testing that saves up time and resources for the care provider. The result is a broad and deep cognitive profile, which creates understanding for the patient and aids multiple steps of the care journey.

We democratize cognitive testing.

How does Mindmore work?

Step 1 - testbatteri

Step 1

Based on the patient's problems, the clinician decides which test battery that should be done.

Step 3

Step 3

Mindmore tablet guides the patient through the entire cognitive test, from beginning to end.  

Step 2 - självskattningsformulär

step 2

The patient receives the tablet and fills out digital self-assessment forms as well as information that may affect the results, such as perceived stress and fatigue.

Step 4

Step 4

Immediately after the test, the clinician accesses the patient's cognitive profile on their computer, ready to be interpreted.

tabletshow-exekutiva funktioner2.png
Executive functions

  • Mental flexibility

  • Complex reaction time

  • Inhibition

  • Planning

* Due to test privacy, this is an example image only.

Cognitive tests measure how the brain functions

For which patient groups does Mindmore bring value?


Stress-related mental illness

Prolonged stress, fatigue and depression usually cause cognitive problems. Executive function, concentration and memory functions are usually most affected. With Mindmore, healthcare professionals can see which functions are affected in the patient, and to what degree. The objective findings are useful in assessment, treatment and in medical certificates.


Neurodegenerative diseases

Dementia causes cognitive impairment. In cases of suspected dementia, an initial dementia examination is carried out within primary care, which results in either exclusion of dementia or verification of a specific dementia diagnosis.

According to the guidelines of the National Board of Health and Welfare, objective tests of cognitive functioning must be included in this investigation.

Where Mindmore is used


Primary care

“Over 30% of our patient visits concern diseases with cognitive impact.

The patient's cognitive impact can be difficult and resource-intensive to measure and describe - with Mindmore it is made easy and requires minimal time from our staff. ”


Occupational healthcare

"Finally a service that provides an objective snapshot of cognitive impact for stress-related illness. An important, objective basis for us in medical certificates, assessments and rehabilitation."

Two woman discussing research project


Mindmore is used to measure cognitive function in several research studies.

"In a simple way, we could include cognitive tests in our study protocol."



"When I saw the results, I understood much more about how my condition affects my cognition and what my cognitive impairment means to me in everyday life."

Unsure where to start?

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