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A product built on evidence

Cognitive tests rooted in clinical research

Tests are recognised by neuropsychologists worldwide

Modernised test administration and result generation

Platform specific normative data

Well-known tests

Mindmore tests are well-known neuropsychological tests used in clinical and research context for decades


Wilhelm Wundt psychology laboratory, Leipzig Germany 1879.

Neuropsychologists around the world are using the tests Mindmore chose to digitise in their clinics[1]. The sensitivity of the included tests to different disorders has been studied extensively [2,3]. For example, performance on the Trail Making Test (TMT [4] part B in elderly is linked to problems with complex activities of daily living [5], while in younger people it can be an indication for or a symptom of depression [6] or chronic stress [7,8].

Well known
A popular tool in research

The tests in the Mindmore platform are included in diverse research collaborations due to its facility of use: tests are easy to administer, Mindmore offers automatic scoring and standardisation, and immediate access to the collected data. The traditional tests selected to be digitised for Mindmore have been tested and tried by researchers for decades - now these findings are being replicated and added to by the researchers of our time who chose to use Mindmore in their research.

Platform specific normative data

Mindmore offers its own normative data base populated by >1000 healthy adults. High quality normative data is essential for test interpretation [3,21,22]. Sophisticated regression-based normative models [23,24] are implemented in the Mindmore result portal [25]. Each patient is compared to their expected test score based on their age (range 18 to 90 years), sex, level of education, and input method.

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Examples of normative models
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Normative data
Tests are carefully adapted for self-administration on a digital platform
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Mindmore modernises test administration while retaining the strengths and evidence associated with the content of traditional tests [14–16]. The digital platform leads patients through the tests using original instructions and feedback. Clinicians have access to all traditional test scores such number of correct responses, manually corrected audio transcripts for the verbal fluency test [17], as well as index, interference and, congruent and incongruent round scores for the Stroop test [3,18] - plus a few more.

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Test construction
The research team at Mindmore

Alejandra Machado

Clinical & research specialist

Ingvar Bergman
Lic. psychologist
Clinical expert
Wobbie van den Hurk
MSc, Ph.D. candidate
Head of Research
Ludwig Franke Föyen
PTP psychologist
Research assistant
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Anders Gustavsson
Research advisor
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Articles and references

Read our publications in Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society and Frontiers in Psychology.

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