Digital tests that streamline patient flow

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Geriatric care

Mindmore doesn't replace a complete cognitive investigation, but there are other ways that Mindmore can provide value and benefit healthcare professionals and patients in specialist care. Dalengeriatriken memory clinic is currently conducting a study where this is being investigated.


We believe that both the assessment teams and patients have a lot to gain from digitizing parts of the neuropsychological testing of cognitive function. Mindmore's unique platform gives us the opportunity to test several cognitive abilities and provides objective, descriptive results. It makes the test process smooth for the assessment team and understandable and transparent for the patient, while relieving the caregiver. We look forward to evaluating digital testing of cognitive functions with Mindmore in neuropsychiatry.

- Lotta Borg Skoglund, MD, PhD, Medical Management Physician and founder of SMART Psychiatry


Mindmore provides a broad and detailed overview of how cognitive functions are affected in relation to different psychiatric conditions. Understanding cognitive impact is valuable information in assessment and decision making.

Stress rehabilitation

Mindmore can be used as part of stress rehabilitation, for example in providing more information about the patient when adapting work tasks upon returning to work.


Value for the business:

  • Automatic results and self-administered testing in the first step gives more time for subsequent investigation / assessment and treatment.

  • Results can be compared over time, since the test is carried out exactly the same way each time.

  • Early in the patient flow, you can create an overview of which patients need to undergo a more time- and resource-intensive investigation.

0 minutes

for healthcare professionals for testing and calculating results

+10 000

tests performed by Mindmore

<90 minutes

for healthcare professionals to get started with Mindmore


Unsure where to start?

Contact us and we will explore it together.