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Some of those who use Mindmore in their research

How can digital cognitive test be used in your research study?

With digital cognitive tests, the measurement becomes more efficient than with manual, paper-based versions. Compared to classic cognitive tests such as MMSE / MMT or MoCA, the data is much more detailed; Mindmore measures all cognitive domains with two to six tests per domain, which provides a lot of information about each function and increases the sensitivity to subtle cognitive differences.


At the same time as you collect large amounts of data, you do not have to spend time administering the testing yourself or calculating results. The tool handles test management and income statement automatically! 

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The value of using Mindmore for data collection:

  • Efficient: Collect a lot of data easily and with few resources.

  • Flexible: Create your own test battery, with the desired combination of cognitive tests, at no extra cost.

  • Fler variabler: ~ 40 data points per test session, with the ability to add unique data points such as reaction time for part of test or number of clicks on a specific symbol.

  • Big norm data: Results are based on norm data from> 700 healthy people through a regression-based model that takes into account gender, age and level of education.

  • Follow progression: The identical test situations enable comparison of the participants' results over time and facilitate the following of progression.

  • Easily export results in various formats, such as Excel and CSV, before your analyzes.

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How does your data collection work?

It's very simple! Mindmore can be administered either as a distance test where a test link is sent to us by e-mail and the testing takes place at home - or on site at your business.


It is up to you whether you want to sit with the participant for observation or not - the test is complete self-administered and consists of instructions (in text and sound), interactive examples, the tests themselves and any participant questions.


All data, including your recorded observations, is saved automatically. The result is available directly after the test is performed via our Results Portal.

Forska med Midmore

Selection of ongoing studies with Mindmore's tests

Pågående forskning

Cognitive functioning and internet-administered CBT (ICBT) in patients with stress-related mental disorder

Karolinska Institutet | Gustavsbergs Vårdcentral |  SLSO

About the study:  

Stress-related mental illness is the main cause of sick leave in Sweden. Diagnoses such as adjustment disorder and exhaustion syndrome are common in primary care and involve great suffering, functional impairment and high costs for the individual, for care and for society as a whole. Despite this, there is still a lack of scientifically based guidelines for how these conditions should be treated, and access to treatment is very limited. This randomised controlled trial (RCT) study aims to investigate internet-administrated cognitive behavioural treatment (ICBT) as a potentially effective treatment with high availability. Patients will be randomised into an ICBT group and an active control group and will be followed for up to two years after treatment.

Cognitive impairment is expected in these patients and one of the outcomes of successful treatment would be improved cognitive functioning. Mindmore tests will be used to test all ~300 patients at baseline, after treatment and at each follow-up.


Read more:


Status: Data collection started 2021. Baseline and post-treatment data has been collected. Follow-up data collection is ongoing.

Physical activity as treatment for depression

Region Örebro | Örebro universitet | Karolinska Institutet | Uppsala universitet

About the study:

Patients suffering from mental illness in Örebro County are randomized to either experimental group or control group and followed for 12 weeks while participating in physical group activity (experimental group) or relaxation exercises in group (control group). 


The Mindmore Depression Battery is used to measure cognitive effects.  


Status: Data collection ongoing until 2023

MCI/ dementia in primary care

Region Östergötland | Linköping University

About the study:

In pace with an aging population and increased incidence of dementia, there is a need to shorten dementia investigation times and ensure a nationally high, equal level of basal dementia investigations at the level of primary care. Early diagnosis is crucial for the patient and their environment to take measures which increase better health, quality of life, and time living in their own homes.  


The purpose of this project is to pilot test Mindmore as a digital platform that can facilitate, simplify, standardize and at the same time raise the quality of the parts of the investigation that concern mapping of cognitive ability and everyday function: two of the elements with the highest priority according to the National Board of Health and Welfare's guidelines.  


The project includes patients who undergo the usual basal dementia investigation at a selection of care centers in Östergötland. Added on top is the Mindmore test battery, including both objective cognitive tests and a subjective symptom questionnaire. The project is expected to contribute important information – can a partial digitization of basal dementia investigation contribute to better quality, care process and diagnostics?

Read more:

Status: Data collection ongoing

Long-term symptoms after covid-19

Universitetssjukhuset i Örebro | Region Örebro | Örebro universitet | Göteborgs universitet

About the study:

Patients with covid-19 infection are followed for at least two years. Physical, mental and cognitive functions as well as expressions of biomarkers are examined, as well as health-related quality of life and work ability. The purpose is to investigate how different individuals are affected by the disease, in order to be able to develop more individualized treatment with faster rehabilitation and return to work.  


Mindmore's screening battery is used to measure cognitive consequences.

Status: In preparation

Kontakt forskning

Contact us to get more information about how we are used in studies and how we can help you.

Fill in your contact information and we will get back to you with suggestions on the date and time for a completely unconditional demo. We show how Mindmore works and can answer any questions.


Mindmore is used in several different types of activities. Feel free to write which business you work in and we will make sure that an extra knowledgeable person, in that particular area, carries out the demo.

Best regards the team on Mindmore

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