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Extended assessment that takes almost no time from your staff

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We use Mindmore when we want to broaden our assessments or where patients themselves express a concern for their cognitive health, and in all our work ability assessments. It gives us an objective measure that strengthens and deepens our assessment.

- Erik Johnsson, CEO Stegeholmshälsan

How is Mindmore used in occupational healthcare?

  • In the rehabilitation process, where mapping of how cognition is affected facilitates decisions on appropriate actions.

  • In work ability assessments, because cognitive function affects the ability to work.

  • In medical certificates for e.g. stress, fatigue, depression or pain problems.

  • In health checks, where regular testing enables early detection of cognitive changes and abnormalities.

  • Upon returning to work, where the measure of cognition can facilitate customization of work in cooperation with the employer.

  • In case of other suspected cognitive effects - as in this patient case:


Mindmore's screening battery provided unexpected information that was needed to support a referral.

a patient case


Value for the business:

  • Compared to analog cognitive testing, Mindmore can save the clinic two hours per test session.

  • Objective findings facilitate communication with employees, employers and external parties such as the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan).

  • The cognitive profile is valuable for understanding the employee's conditions at work, for example when adaptating work tasks. This will support the customers of occupational healthcare in fulfilling their rehabilitation responsibility.


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