Digital cognitive tests in research studies

Ongoing studies with Mindmore's tests

Physical activity as treatment for depression

Örebro Region | Örebro University | Karolinska Institutet | Uppsala university

About the study:

Patients suffering from major depressive disorder in Örebro County are randomized to either experimental group or control group and followed for 12 weeks. They participate either in physical group activities (experimental group) or relaxation group exercises (control group). Physical, mental and cognitive functions as well as expressions of biomarkers will be examined.


The Mindmore Depression Battery is used to measure cognitive effects.


Status: Data collection ongoing until 2023

MCI / dementia at a specialist level

Mindmore | Dalengeriatriken memory clinic

About the study:

The purpose is to investigate the clinical validity of Mindmore's dementia battery. Patients being investigated for dementia are asked to carry out Mindmore's dementia battery. Health status and final diagnosis are collected to determine the test battery's sensitivity and specificity for MCI and dementia.


Status: Data collection ongoing​

MCI / dementia in primary care

Region Östergötland| Linköping University

About the study:

The purpose is to investigate the clinical validity and usability of Mindmore's dementia battery at four different primary care facilities.


Status: In preperation

Prolonged symptoms after covid-19

Örebro University Hospital | Örebro Region | Örebro University | University of Gothenburg

About the study:

Patients who has gone through a covid-19 infection will be monitored for at least two years. Physical, mental and cognitive functions as well as expressions of biomarkers will be examined, as well as health-related quality of life and ability to work. The purpose is to investigate how individuals are affected differently after the disease over time, in order to develop more individualized treatment with faster rehabilitation and return to work.


Mindmore's screening battery is used to measure cognitive symtoms.

Status: In preparation

How can Mindmore be used in your research study?

Easy to collect cognitive profiles of many study participants
Mindmore is used to collect cognitive data from your study participants, without taking any time from you to administer the tests, nor to calculate the results (i.e. you do not need a test leader).

Compare results over time
The identical test situations enable comparison of results over time and to monitor cognitive change.

The value of using Mindmore for data collection

  • Efficient: Collect lots of data easily and with few resources

  • Flexible: Create your own test battery, with desired combination of cognition tests, at no extra cost

  • More variables: ~ 40 data points per test session, with possibility to add unique data points such as reaction time for parts of tests or number of clicks on a specific symbol

  • Solid norm data: Results are based on normative data with results from >700 healthy individuals, with regard to sex, age and level of education

  • Export results easily in different formats, such as Excel, CSV and more.


How does your data collection work?

It's very simple! Find a quiet room for your participant, where the test can be performed undisturbed. You log into the Mindmore application on the tablet and enter the participant code. You will need this code again later, to retrieve the participant results from the results portal or CSV file.

The tablet guides the participant through the entire test. It's up to you whether you want to join the participant for observation or not – the test is completely self-administered. The test consists of instructions (in text and sound), interactive examples where applicable, the tests themselves, and additional participant questions. The tablet will notify the participant when the evaluation is complete. You will then be able to add your own observations or feedback.


All data, including your observations, is saved automatically. The result is available
directly after the testing in our Results Portal.

0 minutes

for healthcare professionals for testing and calculating results

+10 000

tests performed by Mindmore

<90 minutes

for healthcare professionals to get started with Mindmore


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