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Frequently asked questions about cognitive testing with Mindmore


Cognition can be described as the thought processes that our brain uses to take in, process, store and retrieve information. Cognition is usually divided into a number of functions or domains:

Memory, attention, language, visuospatial ability and executive function.


Our cognitive functions make sure that we can:

  • Interpret and understand information

  • Maintain attention and concentration

  • Remember and learn new things

  • Plan, organize and prioritize

  • Solve problems and make good decisions

  • Understand language and communicate


Taken together, these functions are among the most important we have for well-functioning brain health. The cognitive functions often work together - for example, attention is required to focus on information, so that it can be stored in the memory bank. Measuring a single cognitive function in isolation therefore seldom gives an exhaustive picture of how an individual functions cognitively.